Advocate for Advancing STEM Education

Sivaram has made unique and significant contributions to educational outreach programs.  He founded and co-developed the efluids.com portal, which serves as a platform for developing simple experiments that are useful for teaching K-12 students.  He also has delivered lectures at AIAA workshops (Passport to Teachers) and conferences.  He participated in organizing an event called TechFest over the past 7 years where more than 3,000 K-12 students participate per year during Engineer’s week in Dayton.  While serving as AIAA Dayton-Cincinnati Section Chair during the Centennial Flight Celebrations, he was instrumental in encouraging and executing the passport to Flight program, which received national recognition.

Sivaram introducing high school minority students to Gov. Ted Strickland at the AIAA JPC (2007)

Sivaram explaining on how to do experiments for less than $5 at the AIAA Passport to Teachers workshop (2007)

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