Entrepreneur, Researcher, and Engineer

Dr. Gogineni, an entrepreneur, engineer, leader, and scientist, contributed to the aerospace and mechanical engineering professions in various ways. As an entrepreneur, he founded/co-founded multiple companies and is currently serving as the President of a small business focused on engineering research, product development, and system integration. He led and managed a broad range of technologies sponsored by NASA, MDA, DTRA, Air Force, Navy Army, NIH, and DoE and won more than 250 small business contracts/grants worth over $200M over the past 25 years. These technologies include but are not limited to hypersonics, directed energy, microelectronics, autonomy, quantum sensing, artificial intelligence, sensors, additive manufacturing, and gas turbine propulsion. The technologies and products he developed are being considered by leading aerospace industries such as Boeing, Lockheed, GE Aviation, and Pratt & Whitney for future vehicle design and development and for potential system integration.

As an engineer, he led, designed and developed:

  • State-of-the-art optical, laser, and plasma-based sensors and turn-key systems
  • Alternative navigation technology for GPS-denied environments
  • High-temperature electronics packaging for distributed engine control, hypersonics, and space applications
  • Standards for future gas turbine engine controls
  • Data analytical tools for extracting physics from vast amounts of computational and experimental data
  • Unique software and high-throughput, precise store-release hardware for hypersonic wind tunnel testing
  • Portable aerosol collector and spectrometer (PACS) device for characterizing nanosized particles for industrial and weapons-based ammunition
  • High-throughput die-extraction and reassembly process for obsolete electronics in aging aircraft
  • Quantum-enabled nanoscale sensor for temperature, electric, and magnetic field mapping in electronic devices
  • Raman Spectroscopy-based Gout Detection device
  • Super-critical carbon dioxide-based thermal management and energy systems for compact cooling, waste heat recovery, and coal-fired boilers

As a researcher and scientist, he applied:

  • Machine learning algorithms to reduce SWaP-C of inertial navigation systems for hypersonic weapon systems, and unmanned vehicles
  • Optical, laser, and plasma-based instrumentation and sensors for characterizing velocity, temperature, pressure, and species concentrations in gas turbine propulsion systems and wind tunnels
  • Fluid dynamics and flow control methods for hypersonic boundary layer transition, scramjet inlet unstart mitigation, turbine film-cooling, combustor, and turret configurations
  • Additive manufacturing methods for embedding heat-flux instrumentation and 3D-printed mirrors
  • Data analytical tools for identifying acoustic sources and using them for tracking and target classification
  • Ultrafast lasers for drilling holes in turbine blades to enhance heat transfer and improve the manufacturing process
  • Based on his research, Dr. Gogineni published more than 250 articles in professional journals, conferences and delivered more than 50 invited lectures at national and international conferences, government research labs, and academic institutions.

Dr. Gogineni has been very active in public policy and advocated critical challenges and issues related to STEM education and the engineering profession to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senators and their staff members over the past 25 years. He is also very active locally supporting STEM-related activities by mentoring high school students and young professionals, organizing teachers' workshops to develop curriculums relevant to practical science and engineering problems, and developing educational tools and promoting them through his co-founded website efluids.com. He is also developing a bio-inspired, novel, robotic STEM education product that will excite students to learn about and get involved with STEM. He organized several national and international conferences and founded the Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium in 2005, which has been serving as a conduit to students, young professionals, and scientists & engineers for disseminating their research and advancing their careers. He is an executive committee member for this symposium and contributed in many ways since its foundation.

Dr. Gogineni is well recognized in the defense industry and served as a President of DaytonDefense, an organization that has more than 200 aerospace small and large businesses and also served as a Board Member and an Executive Committee Member for more than 15 years. He recruits co-op students from STEM schools and universities during summer and mentors them for their technical and career goals. He has been serving as Chair of the External Advisory Board for the Univ. of Cincinnati Aerospace Engineering Department over the past 7 years and a Member of the External Advisory Board for the Wright State Univ. Mechanical Engineering Department over the past 15 years and has been contributing to mentoring the faculty in terms of research, developing advanced curriculum, and arranging distinguished people for student seminars.

Dr. Gogineni is also passionate about serving Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and has worked with several faculty and students from Florida A&M University, North Carolina A&T University, and Tennessee State University, among others, on a broad range of aerospace-related technologies. He helped promote its faculty by nominating them for professional society awards and bringing attention to their capabilities to DoD program managers.